Days of Leftovers

Upstate New York is one of the only places I want to be for Thanksgiving. It’s just a short train ride to the crisp air and beautiful views. Every year our large family converges on my Mother’s farm for a long weekend of dinner and leftovers followed by naps and movies. During this year’s trip I also visited a few local spots, with my guest, for the country’s version of daytime ‘entertainment’.

The local apple orchard/ farm stand has grown over the years and has most recently opened a distillery in their back barn. There, they make CORE Vodka, Pear Brandy, Apple Brandy and AppleJack (to be released this December).  Not only are their products beautifully packaged, they are also delicious and make great gifts! ‘Golden Harvest’ is the main orchard/ farm stand where they sell everything from fresh apple cider doughnuts to local jams.

Next, we went to Olana, the home of famed Hudson River School Artist Frederic Church. The Persian style home sits atop a hill overlooking the Hudson River, with spectacular views.

view from Olana, panorama in fall (click for source)

Also, we visited this Graphic Design Studio on Warren Street in Hudson, NY The studio is a huge, work in progress, 3,000 sq.ft. space with retail in front and work space in back. We spoke with the owner for a while about his space, business, home life, dogs, and Hudson vs. NYC….all very interesting and I hope to stop in again to see the evolution of his project space. (more soon).