Bovina Center | New York

Never heard of it? Not many people have, and that’s what makes it so nice. There’s a main street through town (equal to about 3 city blocks in length) where the church, library, General store and playground sit. When my brother and I were children, we used to go in the General store to buy penny candies (the candy literally cost a penny). Every time my family visited  Bovina from North Carolina, it made the local paper.  Other entertainment included playing ‘house’ in a field filled with large flat rocks, and feeding the cows. I went to visit this Christmas and was pleased to see that nothing has changed.

Grandpa's old tractor

farmhouse details

Vintage wallpaper in my Family's farmhouse

Family Photos


In a nearby town, I passed this newly renovated House & Barns

Driving away- a view from the top