I love to use natural pieces as art in client homes. This can range from interesting wood forms, to flowers , to geodes. Recently, at ABC Home we purchased a  geode (sculpture 14″ Wx 4″ H) for a client at about $800 (no photo of actual below).  Later that week, I purchased another geode (candle holder) for $15 at TJMaxx. While the sculpture from ABC is larger and admittedly more beautiful, I achieved a comparable effect for a fraction of the price with the candle holder. ABC also has a purple candle holder (smaller and less attractive than mine) for $75.  Additionally, Moss sells these geode coasters ( for $65 set of four. While that isn’t a bad price, I got multiple sets of geode coasters at TJMaxx for $9.99 per set of four (see images below).  All of this goes to show, that good design can be had, at any budget…. with the addition of a hunt of course.

MOSS sliced geode coasters $65. (set of four)

Sliced geode coasters $9.99 TJMaxx (set of four)

Sliced geode coasters $9.99 TJMaxx (set of four) Sorry for the bad photos of these!

Close up of coaster from TJMaxx set

ABC Home geode sculpture $600 (12"x7"x6") This is NOT a photo of the actual one purchased for my client, ours was better.

Candle Holder from TJMaxx $15. (7"x4"x2")

Close up of my $15 candle holder

ABC Home candle holder $75. (4.5"x4"x2")

On another note, because I love geodes so much and we’re on the subject anyway… I wanted to share another personal piece with you. I purchased this gold dipped geode pendant last week at a vintage jeweler. After some bargaining, I got it for $65 (no chain included). When I got home I pulled apart a few old necklaces that I never wore, to make the chain with beading and a small gold bird detail.

Vintage (quartz?) geode/ gold pendant (about 1.25" round)

Geode pendant with my addition of chain, beads, and a bird. (length: falls at base of sternum, with slightly adjustable length) Sorry for the bad photo!

Elle had the right idea with this listing about geode jewelry. But I have to say they didn't pick the best pieces I've ever seen. FYI: Loehmann's on 7th Ave has a bunch of the blue necklaces shown here, right now. (super cheap, like $20-$30)

From 'Clay Pot' in Park Slope, Brooklyn $232. Gold fill chain has off-white knotting surrounding it, and ringing the quartz as well.

Beautiful ring- price not listed

Amazing 18k gold, diamond and geode earrings... a mere $5765.

ASTRO Gallery of Gems, on 34th and Madison, has a HUGE collection of geode sculptures, jewelry, candle holders and other accessories. The display case contents remind me of the Gems and Minerals section of The Museum of Natural History. Here are some images I took when I was there, the other day (bad cell phone quality photos, sorry again):

Downstairs, about 1/8 of the collection.

I'm 5'-5", this was almost as tall as me! Cost about $20K