IDNY @ Herman Miller | 3.11.2010

It’s been a busy few weeks, with no time for blogging… here’s a recap, starting with IDNY meetup event at Herman Miller showroom.


-Laurene Boym, Co-founder of Boym Partners and winner of 2009 National Design Award
-Francois Chambard, Founder of Um Project

Francois has very interesting work and a very natural way of speaking to a crowd. UM, of Um Project,  stands for “User and Maker”, I think the name is a perfect description of his design process and attention to the users’ needs. Here are my favorite examples of his work:


DTL Table

Moscot Store

'Soft Skin' consoles

Duo Lamp

Of the work the Laurene Boym showed, their Timeless Objects line was fascinating:

Boym Partners invented a faux bronze application that can be applied to any object.

At the event:

Francois Chambard Q&A