ICFF 2010

Quick list of trends:

-felted wool/ bright color upholstery

-chunky knits (used for rugs, upholstery, wall hangings etc.)

-danish modern style re-makes/ smooth walnut woods

-interesting material combinations (ie: chair with wool upholstery and wicker style weaving).


Bernhardt Design showed new work by Brad Ascalon this year. The Pillar chair is simple, clean, and modern… but most importantly– it is actually comfortable. At the show, Bernhardt’s exhibit space was all black with bold use of bright green and blue furniture, alongside natural woods.

Pillar chair on exhibit at Bernhardt booth | ICFF 2010

Brad Ascalon for Bernhardt

Hugh Hayden Design– “Frameicariums”. My love of these comes both from nostalgia, as well as design. Hugh took the classic concept of an art farm and turned it into art. Some were done in simple white frames with white backgrounds, while others were more ornate with background images behind the ant lines. I really enjoyed the white frames with the plain backgrounds because it allowed you to focus on the ants work as art. (The image below is the only one I can find online. They look much better in person!)

I met the LA based Designer, Nolen Niu, through a mutual friend. His work is very interesting and modern. Keep an eye out for photos of the new line of furniture he exhibited at this years’ show. My favorite was the upholstered wool pull out sofa (from new line, not shown below). Its simplicity was beautiful.

'Mirror' sectional

Toward the end of ICFF, I attended a party at De La Espada. They have a really unique mix of design and some really lovely work. Here are a few favorites:

The Model Citizens show was GREAT (near ICFF in a separate show). I don’t have many photos but I met one designer named Jason Neufeld, and snapped a photo of his lamp. It was really beautiful, based on a pully and weighed. Adjustable height, and great for those NYC apartments lacking hardwired ceiling lights (while avoiding the badly hidden cords of most plug in pendant lights).

Other great Neufeld work:

Accessories/ Other cool stuff from the show:

false eyelashes-- made of paper

more to come…