IDNY | ICFF kickoff party @ BluDot

Another great event by Designer Pages | IDNY! This time hosted by BluDot in SoHo, with speakers: Dror Benshetrit and Steven Haulenbeek. Both speakers had very interesting work, check out their websites for more.. but here are a few pieces that they spoke about:


Volume MGX light-- folds flat

Vase of Phases for Rosenthal


Photo Paddles

Photo Paddles

LED glasses "who doesn't want to shoot light beams out of their eyes?"

Dubbot modular lighting

Dubbot modular lighting system

The Event in photos:

Steven Haulenbeek

Boyd&Blair vodka sponsor

UHURU Jason Horvath, Sakura | Rebecca Lewis (Designer Pages) | Steven Haulenbeek

Jenny Rector | Michala Monroe | Zachary Feltoon

Scott Avidon | Zachary Feltoon

The only downside-- In search of nearby restrooms...

Michala Monroe | Zachary Feltoon