MunNY event @ The Ace Hotel

The MunNY Exhibit brought out 4,000 RSVP’s– to a space with the capacity for about 350. Luckily I know people… The dolls are being auctioned off for charity on eBay now (May 16-20th). A few of my favorites from the show (also, more event coverage/ images from 3Rings):

Ice sculpture that they made snow cones from by Frederick Mcswain

Joe Doucet made his doll look like a stone sculpture with bird droppings on it, so great. In the exhibit there was grass around it too.

Hollow form by Matthew Bradshaw & Sergio Silva

small black munny lamp by Tobias Wong & Various Projects

so funny... "Designed by New York City" by Todd Bracher. This doll was dragged behind a bicycle through NYC.

and in serious contrast to Bracher's Munny-- Brad Ascalon's Swarovski Munny

Plasenfeffer Munny by David Weeks