I have always loved this piece in MoMAs permanent collection, by Demakersvan (first 3 images below). It is an incredible example of what technology today can do for the art of furniture making and the like. A statement from the “about us” section on Demakersvan’s website, explains the style and intention of this piece in a clear and interesting way:

“We are plain but love the impossible.
We respect the old but want the new.
We want to challenge, confront the normal, the accepted, the expected.”

Continuing below: Designers like Marc Newson, Francois Chambard of UM Project have created pieces with this same continuity. The pieces appear almost “un-designed”, which is what makes them so successful.

Lasercut "Cinderella" table, by DEMAKERSVAN

Click for NYTimes story- “Erosion” table, by Joseph Walsh

Extruded chair, Newson

Extruded table, Newson

Extruded table, Newson

Riga desk, Newson

Surfboard, Newson

Technocraft, by UM Project

Close up view of DTL Table, by UM Project