Worse than coal.

There are so many well designed/ great gifts out there for the Holidays. So, naturally people tend to make lists of “Great Gifts for the Holidays”. This is not one of those lists. This is a list of things you should definitely NOT buy. Enjoy:

UPDATE: I found this article in W Magazine’s December issue (published after this blog post). Glad to see W and I are on the same page!

"couture face mask"

"This fine apparel is not intended for children"-Skymall

"Anatomically correct heart is like the real thing but a lot less messy. Give it to someone you love, or keep it to cuddle up with."-Skymall

That's one way to make your Hydrangeas look better...

The "Pocket Cape" when you need more pockets, and less material than a snuggie.

No, that sweatshirt doesn't make you look crazy at all...

Solar powered waiving Queen.

Every designers dream....'Fancy'

"CatNix" is by far one of my favorite, terrible designs. "Now you can prevent your pet from walking across your work area with CatNix. These freestanding partitions help you stay focused on work rather than requiring you to shoo away the cat" (Really SkyMall?!)


This "Bug Vacuum" seems a little unnecessary.