Art Basel | Miami 2010

This is a little late, but hey, I was on vacation after all.. Here are a few things I liked at Art Basel this year. (Sorry for the bad photo quality, I didn’t want to be “that tourist” with the camera… so I used my cell phone).

Outdoor event space by Rachely Rotem

note: the spelling of "beach" on the plywood sign. nice.

Graffiti Gone Global Exhibit

GGG Exhibit

IDEO exhibit? artist unknown..

PULSE exhibit- cardboard typewriter by Chris Gilmore

By Matthew Cusick. Made from maps, book pages and ink on wood panel.

By Matthew Cusick. "Red and Blue" 2010 (20" x 23") Made from maps, book pages and ink on wood panel.

Matthew Cusick's work (detail)

from PULSE art show, artist unknown (will find and post ASAP)

Camper Contemporary- click image for their very cool art concept..

Camper Contemporary

Artist: Alicia Ross (Phrenology studies of Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and one other that I can't remember in the top right)

Black&White Gallery, Artist: Alicia Ross, Phenology study of Miley Cyrus. 11"x14" in oval frame, 2010

Mark Moore Gallery, Artist: Allison Schulnik. "Yellow Flowers" 2010. (Oil on canvas 24"x24")

(detail photo) Look how thick the oil paint is!

Outdoor space at PLUSE art show (note: cool rope seating, artist unknown.)

Jorge Mayet, 2010

Jorge Mayet, 2010

Schroeder Romero & Shredder Gallery, by Michael Waugh, ink on Mylar, three parts (2 shown here) 69"x42" each

(closer) The overall image is not what I like most about this...

I like that it's all done in writing, ink on mylar. The writings are selected readings from Vols 1,2,3 of "Decline and Fall". 2009, Artist: Michael Waugh

Black paint on string, in acrylic box. Artist unknown, from PLUSE art show

This wall art was made completely from thin black tape.

Marjan Teeuwen, Archief Shaddak SM's 1, 2010 (110cm x 127cm)

bitforms gallery- Yael Kanarek, White No.5, 2010

White No.5, zoom

My favorite art of all-- the cocoon I found poolside. Almost a butterfly!