2010 was a good year, but I’d like 2011 to be even better! With the start of a new decade, I have  decided to share a few new things with you. They will be random, but that’s okay… It’s 2011 let’s start off with an optimistic, random and unfiltered point of view:

Some things you can see in 2011:

-Re branding of company identity

-Photos of my new office

-Sneak peaks and process photos of projects that I’m working on

-New projects posted on m | monroe design

-More inspiration on m | monroe design blog

My new office seating is both ergonomically correct and fun!

My new camera was a gift from my boyfriend, and it is awesome. It has all kinds of settings like wide angle, mini mode, and motion etc.. My personal favorite is mini mode (for fun). The quality of shots is seriously great, and the camera is super small.

My new camera can shoot in mini-mode, I'm only mildly obsessed.

This in process home demo was one of the coolest things I saw in 2010. It reminds me of a dollhouse.

mini mode

more mini mode

Natural sponge thing (specifics TBD) found near a farm upstate. photo credit: ZFeltoon

photo credit: ZFeltoon

One of my best investments of the year from 2010- NY Mag subscription

I found this in the women's room on New Years. Ummm, I think we can all still see what it is. Let's avoid more bad design in 2011!