Laser Cut

I love almost anything laser cut. Here are some recent faves:

Laser cut acrylic "lace"

more laser cut acrylic

Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf

Cut paper shadow puppets

"This pendant is part of a series inspired by vintage photographs and postcards. It is laser cut and laser engraved from an old book cover and plywood."-Etsy seller

I can't get enough of these...<3

tiny ampersand earrings. so cute.

New York, NY

New York is cool, but the details in this London necklace make it cooler. Other available cities: SanFran, LA, Paris, Sydney, Chicago and more!


crop circle stationary

laser cut stationary

New York skyline card by Muji (folds flat, stands 3D)

Muji makes the New York version.. while this Austin based company makes an Austin scene.

I like the versatility you have in making this shirt work with different colored outfits.. click for more shirts from this maker.