I don’t buy new pens often, as I usually “borrow” them from my boyfriend. He always has such good ones (he is a designer as well). I like to shop at Art stores or places like Muji, where you can test and buy single pens, instead of buying large packs. From Pilot’s Precise Roller Ball extra fine to Zebra to Le Pen (to name a few of my favorites), a good pen can do a lot for your handwriting. I find that when I have a good pen, I take more time to write and sketch. The combination of a great pen and beautiful notebook/ sketch pad can do a lot for your creativity as well. (Notebook post to follow).

However, my new favorite comes in a pack. It is the TUL retractable needlepoint, fine gel pen in black.

Even the packaging is well designed (sorry for the bad cell phone photos):