TEDx | Austin

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I was fortunate enough to attend the TEDx event in Austin, Texas this month. It has been organized annually since 2010, and this year my client, DachisGroup, was the main partner. It was a full day packed with great inspiration from start to finish; all focusing on the main theme of “right now”. There were 14 speakers and something that I did not expect, musical performances. The event was held at the newly renovated Austin Music Hall(NOTE: I am still anxiously awaiting video of the talks, please check back, as I hope to receive/ post them soon. In the mean time, you can learn a bit about the speakers and the event below).

This opening video was really creative and lovely.

Speakers that really resonated with me:

Robyn O’Brien >> VIDEO

Gilbert Tuhabonye >> VIDEO

Flint Sparks (a great name) >> VIDEO

Joaquín Zihuatanejo >> VIDEO

Other speakers:

Osama Bedier >> VIDEO

Ralf Wagner >> VIDEO

Sylvia Acevedo >> VIDEO

Gregory Kallenberg >> VIDEO

Sunny Vanderbeck >> VIDEO

Gary Thompson >> VIDEO

Peter Hall >> VIDEO

Lionel Tiger (I love his name) >> VIDEO

Tavo Hellmund >> VIDEO

Dustin Haisler >> VIDEO

Musical Guests:

Mother Falcon >> VIDEO

Nina Singh: The Unfolding Song >> VIDEO

Photos of the event: Here

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Photographer William Hundley was shooting outside the event as attendees were arriving. Using his signature Entoptic Phenomena concept, he shot TEDx subjects in an interesting way. Under each blob of fabric, there are one to two men jumping. Each participant was asked to do something (or nothing). Here is a photo of me: I was instructed to “look busy on your phone”… not a difficult task.

Photo by William Hundley