Artist | Christo

Anyone who lived in New York in 2005 knows about Christo and his orange flags (entitled “The Gates”) that were installed throughout Central Park. While I thought it was kind of cool, it was definitely not my favorite work of his. If I were to judge him as an artist solely based on this NYC installation, I probably would have said I was unimpressed. Here are some images of his Installations. Most of all, I really love the quality of his sketches/collage plans for the installation(s), see: first image(s) of each section listed below.

I recently found out about Christo’s “Surrounded Islands” in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Done in 1983, it is no wonder that I was unaware of this work, as I was not even born yet. For the installation, he wrapped 11 islands in six million square feet of iridescent pink plastic. Each island was extended 200 feet from its’ shores into the bay. More Information here.

Last but not least… In 1995 Christo wrapped Reichstag in Berlin. Hugely impressive.

What’s next for Christo? “Over the River” is in the works for Arkansas… but like most good art, has caused a stir.

Also, in progress: The Mastaba Project for the United Arab Emirates.