Copyright Infringement

Well, I’m finally back from Texas (SXSW and project update posts to follow).. but first, something really annoying was brought to my attention today. A friend sent me a link to a Facebook page for a “Design firm”, more specifically a link to their “Portfolio Photographs” album. The album contained seven photos. Five of the seven images were of my work, pulled directly from my website. After noting ‘COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT‘ with a link to my website on each of the images, the images were promptly removed, and I was graced with an email from the user. I will not name names, so I’ll say “the user” apologized and said “From my understanding, photos did not need to me <sic> sourced unless one is claiming to be their own. I’m not claiming such, but I did remove them for your comfort. I’m sorry if there was a misunderstanding.” Fine, apology accepted– However, there was not a ‘misunderstanding’. She was claiming that the images were hers, by posting them on Facebook without citation(s). She did not call the album “Inspiration” or something, as previously mentioned the album was entitled “Portfolio Photographs”, and it was not her portfolio. Sadly, I cannot even share said “Design Firm’s” Facebook page with you now, as it has been mysteriously deleted. I guess without quality content, the page was not worth keeping.

The moral of this story?

1. Always be sure to cite work properly. When in doubt, see links/ images below.

2. Copy my work and I will publicly call you out. Followed by any other necessary means, legal or otherwise.

3. Playing dumb and then erasing all evidence only makes you more guilty. (Don’t do that).

4. It’s been said that “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.”[1820 C. C. Colton Lacon I. 113]. I’m flattered, really, but there are other ways.

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Copyright Etiquette

This is a common problem for Designers and Artists, and it is most definitely not the first time that it has happened to me or others I know. We need to continue to look out for one another’s work. My thanks Chelsea Nichols for both recognizing my work, and bringing this incident to my attention.