cards | for business

I have blogged about unique business cards before, but this time it is different. I’m not trying to find the off-the-wall styles… I’m trying to find inspiration for my own card re-design. Something clean lined, modern, and beautiful. As much as I love the idea of a wooden or  other ‘unusual’ material card, I want my card to be SIMPLE. My current business cards are almost gone, so it’s time for a design change with the new batch order (needs to blend my slightly redesigned blog and website). Here is an image of my current/old cards (sorry for the bad image, but its Sunday and somehow scanning seems like a lot of work right now. Also I can’t seem to find the right PDF). You get the point though:


I love everything about these.

Here is a really bad image of a friend’s card. Joe Doucet‘s card makes me laugh everytime, but in the very best of ways. It’s furry, and has a goat on it… while still maintaining the utmost of professionalism on super thick cardstock with clean simple lines and font(s). I want a card that makes people smile when they get it.

I would love a logo stamp

graph paper/ grid lines get me every time. love.

The idea of a square card is intriguing and I love this "M" logo to the right

color! perforation AND tag shape= love.

mmm textured paper...and gold.

paper with thick enough edges for contrast/color is on my list of must-haves