As a child I was always envious of my brother’s glasses. Why? I don’t know. (I was envious of kids with braces too, but that’s another story). When I was in the 7th grade my wish finally came true. My nearsightedness became obvious as I sat near the back of the classroom and couldn’t see the board. I remember my fist pair, Gucci frames in blue metal, sort of oval in shape. Now days I go for the exact opposite: no visible branding, more square in shape and usually plastic frames. However, brand name or not, I always manage to pick the most expensive ones– followed by Rx sunglasses which are never cheap. Of course, I also insist on having more than one pair of glasses at all times, as you never know when one could get broken etc. (Plus one needs to accessorize with more than one option). Worst of all, you have to have a new prescription almost every year. Anyways, my point: Having to wear glasses all the time is a very expensive thing.

So, this year I decided to try something new*. I avoided the shops that knowingly carried my kryptonite, and instead waited it out until I stumbled across the perfect pair of readers. You know, the kind you see in the pharmacy, Target, or almost anywhere. I found mine in Loehmann’s, and (I kid you not) they were $12.99. (AJ Morgan). The next day I went to Lenscrafters and (with insurance) got Rx lenses put in for $80. I love my this new pair more than almost all of the $500+ pairs that I’ve had in the past. Especially knowing how quickly I go through glasses, it’s nice to not spend so much.

I wanted a style similar to these (Moscot | Burberry):

And here’s a bad photo taken by me, wearing my new glasses. I can’t get a straight on shot due to glare, but you get the point:

*Of course, I’m not as disciplined as I might sound and managed to walk out of Lenscrafters with a pair of prescription RayBan Aviators as well. A well deserved splurge, due to the extreme save on my glasses. I was surprised to find that my health insurance actually covered a good portion of these… yay for health insurance!