Street Find | Knoll

Happy Saturday! On our way back from brunch today I spotted it…just sitting there, alone…orange and upside down near the trash. I recognized it right away– Knoll Saarinen Executive side chair. It even had the Knoll sticker on the bottom. As Zac pulled it out from its improper grave, the neighbors that put it there walked by. They said, “oh yeah… the old guy that used to live in our apartment left it”. I said “It’s an original!” (in a tone of disbelief: I often forget that not everyone cares about design). They will be sad to know that it’s worth about $350+ (much more if it was in better shape). New ones sell for $850-$1000 at DWR and Knoll. Awesome street finds are common in Brooklyn, but its not too often that they’re design classics like this one! I’m thinking a little reupholstery, and I have a sweet new office chair.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Another time I was driving upstate (near Windham) with my brother and I spotted some chrome and black chairs. We pulled an illegal U-Turn and headed back to find four Gio Ponti SuperLeggera chairs, in perfect condition. That was quite a few years ago and they have been my dining chairs ever since. As seen on $1495. for a set of four.