Project | storage book

It’s Sunday, and other than brunch- there isn’t much that I feel like doing. However, yesterday at Build it Green I bought a really beautiful little book with the intention of hollowing it out for some secret storage. It was blue linen with an indented gold logo on the front with black detailing, and a pretty pattern on the inside of the hardcover. The actual contents of the book were boring (some sort of club members’ info from 2009), so I decided to make it a useful object. Here’s a quick “how to” in the form of a slideshow:

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1. glue all pages together (except the front 4 or 5)

2. press over night with clamps

3. measure in from edges and create guidelines for cutting

4. use exacto to cut out interior of glued pages

5. pull out cut pages in chunks.. throw away

6. stop cutting before you reach the back cover. In this case I stopped on a page that had my last name on it.

7. clean up edges- mod podge interior base and edges (not outside edges).

8. place on shelf with money or other items to hide.. also works as an ipod case etc..