Movie | Please Give

This will be my first movie post/ review. I had never really planned on putting anything like this on here, but after posting quite a few book recommendations, I thought “why not”. Movies are often just as inspirational and relevant to design. I’m not really a ‘movie critic’, but at the end of the day… we’re all critics, right?

Recently, my brother recommended the movie Please Give. (I’ve been running out of Netflix instant play options so I’m always up for suggestions). He was right, it was great. It was very ‘real’ (if that’s even possible these days). The characters were relatable, the problems- common. I think it speaks mostly to New Yorkers, more than anyone else. It’s the kind of movie that you watch while laughing wholeheartedly at yourself and the characters, simultaneously. There’s really no plot, it just follows different characters with intertwined lives; slowly telling a section of their story. However, that is much more interesting than I made it sound. Design wise: The main characters played by Oliver Platt and Catherine Keener own a mid-century furniture store. They have some really great pieces and I love their all-too-common problems with buying and reselling. Enjoy!

Here is the summary as listed on Netflix:

“Life gets knotty when successful Manhattan couple Alex (Oliver Platt) and Kate (Catherine Keener) develop a relationship with the granddaughters of Andra (Ann Morgan Guilbert), the cantankerous elderly woman who owns the apartment next to theirs — and who must die so they can expand their home. The all-star cast includes Amanda Peet, Rebecca Hall and Lois Smith in this indie feature from writer-director Nicole Holofcener (Friends with Money).”

And finally, the trailer: