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FROM PRATT, THIS YEAR’S FISHES EDDY WINNER: “The Braille Plate, designed by Pratt 2011 grad Roxanne Phillips, was the winner of the Pratt Fishes Eddy competition and has been produced as the winning entry this year. The plate says, in Braille, ‘the sighted will never know: to touch words and have them touch you back.’”


Braille has always been a very beautiful and interesting thing to me. For those with sight, I think we often take advantage of the little things in life. I love design that uses things like braille in an interesting way; reminding us how fortunate we are, or even to hide a secret message out in the open for all to see… (*b g h j, were the only braille letters I was able to type out in the title.)

click image to read about how this works- amazing.

Gorgeous braille map.

"Art is silent poetry" click image for artist info

"xo" braille photo pendant

"idea: body modification which purpose is not just to decorate the skin but to be touched and read. opportunity for blind people to have a meaningful body alteration, but also something what could be used by those who live or work with blind people as a new attempt to their way of perceiving---realization: implants creating embossed text in braille placed under skin, can be read by touch / stroke by blind people. it could be either bead-style implants (in this case the size of the beads should be a bit bigger than the standardized size of braille text. too small beads will sink in the muscles and they will not be embossed) or transdermal implants - placed partially below and partially above the skin the implants are made of silicone (or surgical grade stainless steel /316L/ or titanium)"

"get information while shaking hands: the implant could be placed on the hand - between thumb and forefinger, so that it could be read when shaking (or holding) hands".

Semi-related: I also think that morse code is very cool..

Thanks to my friend Lisa for showing me this on her blog. Morse code necklaces. Comes in Peace, love, and other custom messages.

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