Recently, quite a few people have commented on my complexion. Apparently my skin appears “flawless” (secret: it’s NOT). While it is most certainly not perfect, I will tell you that I am very meticulous and work hard on its appearance. I never thought to publicly share any of this information, until one day when I switched to a new face wash and noticed how soft it made my skin. I’m always trying new products for my own benefit, but with all the magazines and TV ads telling us what to try, I figured that we’re so overwhelmed with endorsements; who needs me to tell them what’s good? When the stewardess on my flight commented, I told her the kind of make up that I use.. When my friend commented, I told her the type of chapstick that I use.. and so on.. I thought, ‘maybe I should share some of my findings’. So here they are, my favorite products (right now).

1. Aveeno (daily face scrub, almost like fine sand texture– exfoliates like crazy!)

2. Olay Regenerist (regenerating serum, SO smooth)

3. Covergirl (concealer, covers really well)

4. Physicians Formula (powder, super light/ matte coverage.. very natural looking)

5. Burts Bees (tiger lily, a little sparkle/ great orangey color)

6. Covergirl  (blush- rose silk 540, great orangey pink color with some shimmer)