graffiti knitting

I love seeing graffiti knitting (aka- yarn bombing/ guerilla knitting) in cities. It makes me smile everytime I see it. It has this funny, semi- sentimental element that always brightens my day. The movement started in Houston Texas and has made it around the world. Here are a few of my favorite photos of pieces that have been done:

This one reminds me of the Lego "repairs" I posted a while back

... this one says a lot.

my favorite one. so simple, and beautiful.


by "Knitta Please".. even the name is funny

Bike in Brooklyn (one of many).. These are generally kind of ugly in my opinion, but the work and detail is amazing!

Outside of Reading Terminal-- doesn't this just make everything look happy?! even that bag of trash..


Bob Ross would be so proud of these "happy little trees"...


Magda Sayeg knitting the bus (above) in Mexico. She has done some cool work in Austin also

"Look up!". They all make me laugh, but this one is tops.