Holiday gifts | part one

One of the best gifts for any occasion is a philanthropic one. There are endless great places, online and in person, to buy from sellers that donate some (or all) of their profits to charity. Here are a few: Oxfam,  FEED, WestElm,  MAC VivaGlam, AidToArtisans. These are all win-win, as the Giver is doing good for charity while the Gifted is receiving something tangible that they can feel good about.

Ring by Gretchen Jones, sold by Piperlime for Aid To Artisans:

Treasure&Bond is an amazing new shop that opened earlier this year in SoHo. “100% of all our after-cost profits go directly to programs that benefit people in need, right here in our own community.” -Treasure&Bond. Their retail space is well designed and their merchandise, well curated.

With my recent travel schedule it has been hard to nail down any in-person shopping time for the Holidays, but I didn’t want that to affect my gift giving quality. Etsy and Supermarkethq are two great places to find some seriously unique quality gifts at any time of day. These are not philanthropic like the above, but they are great gifts anyway!

Everything on this seller’s page is awesome:

vintage style wood letters:

love these prints:

cut paper- not cheap, but so cool:

The print versions are more affordable. They are  comprised of only thin vertical black ink lines- still very cool:

Unique jewelry at reasonable prices:

colorful map print: