Book | ‘It’s in the Bag’

Winnifred Gallagher has done it again. Not half way through my flight to Portland, OR and I’d already read the entire book from start to finish. “It’s in the Bag | What Purses Reveal and Conceal” is short and to the point; a quick read at 100 pages. Gallagher writes in a way that is extremely accessible, making for quick and interesting information on any topic.

Previously, I read (and recommended), other books by Winnifred Gallager, “The Power of Place” , “House Thinking” and  “Rapt” to name a few. Focusing on the psychology of interior spaces and home among other things, I was obviously drawn to almost all of her other works. “It’s in the Bag” was an unexpected subject matter for Gallagher, however, I was equally as drawn. As it’s name suggests, the book is about the bags that we carry, their contents, trends, and their meaning.

It is really interesting to step back and think about what our everyday objects say about us. In this case, the focus was purses (feminine mostly) – but other books, such as Snoop focus on other personal items in a different but equally as intriguing way.

Our emotional ties to the purse (as well as other everyday things) are often poorly understood. There are historical references and in depth descriptions on “the parallels between the purse’s growing significance and women’s expanded lives” p. 99 IITB. Gallagher finds ways to blend fashion, history and psychology in a way that is easy to take in and enjoy.

“a purse that conveys a woman’s timeliness and taste, trumps one that merely displays her wealth.” -p.55 IITB

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