Design To Get You Laid

My newest endeavor in collaboration with Zac&Co. Surely, the name gives you an idea of what it’s all about, however, it’s more than just skin deep. (We needed a catchy name to draw attention to the more important information at hand).

Mostly, we write about the single guys apartment: The interior spaces, furniture, objects, textiles, cleanliness, etc.. I like to focus on the psychology behind each space, while giving design advice. Overall, the goal is always a healthy, happy, productive living space that improves their owners wellbeing while impressing visitors.

From the About Page:What: Most guys just need a few pointers and some quick fixes, while others need a serious overhaul. Is your space ‘cock blocking’ you? We’re here to help you find out. We focus on straight men’s apartments, and the female perspective. Why? Because that is what we know. You need the help, and we have the skills, so really why not? We will not delve into gay men’s spaces, because, well- let’s be honest- they don’t really need us. There are other great sites for that, like our friends at TheQueerInterior!