Indoor Clouds +

This. blows. my. mind. I can’t even handle the awesomeness.

Artist, Berndnaut Smilde, created indoor clouds with the use of a smoke machine and some serious control over the atmospheric and lighting conditions in the space. (original link found here)

-Here are a few more works by the same artist, also very cool-

“Until Askeaton has a Streetview” 2009  This one makes me laugh out loud. Description from Smilde’s site: “Askeaton, Co. Limerick is one of the oldest towns in Ireland. In the 1840s, lots of Irish people immigrated to the US. A few people from Askeaton set up a new town in Wisconsin which they also named Askeaton. If you look for Askeaton on Google maps you’ll find a streetview of Askeaton, Wisconsin, US. The first building you see is a barn. The original town of Askeaton in Ireland has not yet been photographed by Google and doesn’t have streetview yet. I’ve constructed a copy of that specific barn in Askeaton US, and placed this facade or ‘prop’ on the most resembling location along the main road in Askeaton Ireland. The idea is that if the Google Photocar will come by (it was recently seen in Limerick city), this image will be picked up, and the building will simultaneously exist in both Askeatons.”

These works have “no title”. They are plaster shelves with mini scenes. super cute.