Pattern&Texture Collide

Recently, I have been most inspired by ‘sensory overload’ type Interior spaces. You know, the kind where there are so many patterns and textures that you don’t even know what to look at. The colors are all over the place; some make sense, others seem random… All your Grandmother’s rules of pattern mixing have been broken. There’s plaid next to polka dots, blues next to black, and an all around disregard for matching. I’m not sure if I could ever be so ‘over the top’ in most of my work (I love minimalism too), but I’m thinking there’s a happy medium. Here are a few inspiring spaces for your viewing pleasure.

Kelly Wearstler is known for this type of  pattern and textural layering:

Other examples:

I recently stayed at Hotel Monaco in Portland, Oregon. It is filled with lots of fun patterns:

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