Milan 2012 | Street Scene

One thing that we (Zac Feltoon and I)  enjoyed the most during Milan design week, was walking around the smaller shows (smaller than Saloni.. ie: Tortona, Lambrate, MOST, etc) and their surrounding areas.

The smaller shows were buzzing with passion for design and represent the most innovative and avant garde design work.

I have separate posts for all of the design from these smaller shows and Saloni, however, some less intentionally shown design has also been really interesting. Take for example these two street vendors:

1.  In the Brera district this man was sitting on the corner, hand caning chairs. There were a few finished pieces there for sale and it was really lovely work. A small but nice comparison to the much larger companies represented in other small shows and Saloni. (Caning Man’s info: Bernard Milano- Via Procaccini 21. Tel.

2.  This very sweet man was selling earrings on the street near the metro stop. We were so impressed by this innovative display for his product. So simple, yet so effective. The umbrella and camera tripod allowed the customer to stand in one place while spinning the umbrella to see all of the earrings from an ideal viewing height. (No name or information is known about the seller or items shown).