Desks | adjusting to a new way of work

Whether at home or at work, desks are getting smaller and smaller. Cord control, materiality, and function have become more important than massive square footage and storage space. It’s not just a trend, it’s a necessity. Laptops, ipads, the internet, and paperless/ eco friendly initiatives have all driven Designers to create smaller work spaces. Additionally, in this economy, price per square foot dictates a lot of decision making; So, smaller desks mean: more employees in less space, with less overhead.

Arco showed at the big Saloni show in Milan. Two of the most successful modern desk designs I have seen are; Arco’s Pivot Desk and their Deskbox. For me, the Pivot is lacking a bit of thought in the cord control department and the drawers may not be the most practical ever; However, I still really enjoy it, and feel that it’s relevant here. The Deskbox seems to have it all. Beautiful.

PIVOT by Arco


This custom designed wall mounted desk by Zac&Co is a great example of all of the criteria I spoke about above. It has cord control (power behind the sliding doors) and compact design. Best of all, you can hide away your things making it perfect for a home office. As you can see, it even holds a large external monitor, for those that need a bigger screen than a laptop generally offers (with the internet now, this could even double as your TV).

At the MOST show in Milan, I spotted this gorgeous ‘Tie Desk’ by Elin Carlsten & Elisabet Thostrup. This one isn’t the smallest, but it’s pretty compact, contains cord control, and is quite beautiful. So here it is anyway:

It’s not that new; Bludot is always doing such great work. But, I wanted to include a few of their compact desks as well. The Cant Desk and the Wonderwall Desk: