3D Printing

3D printing technology has made so many things possible. I am so excited every time I see something new and interesting that has been 3D printed. I recently found out that you could print in more than just plastics/ nylon. Now you can print metal and ceramics among other materials! so amazing. Also check out Shapeways.com for more cool stuff.

Here is one piece from the MOST show in Milan, as seen in the Transnatural Art & Design Collection (balancing nature and technology) section. Beach Animal “elegant moving creature” by AD Lakerveld. 3D printed nylon: (I have a great video of this moving, but WordPress will not let me upload it. more soon..)

Also at the MOST show in Milan, Tom Dixon had a booth with Digital Forming for 3D printed lighting, complete with design-your-own computer technology. Some coverage from Inhabitat here.

In the Lambrate District of Milan this super hidden show held some of the most interesting work I saw the whole week. The show was called Analogico Digitale and it had a 3D printer on site to demonstrate how some of the pieces were made.

Nervous System has been 3D printing some very cool jewelry and small home products for a few years now (showing at ICFF Design Boom mart annually). Starting with plastics and moving into metals..

The Model Citizens show in NYC during ICFF had a whole booth filled with cool 3D printed objects. Here is a great write up by Shapeways.

Also at the Model Citizens show, friends from Gotham Smith showed their latest designs in 3D printed metal jewelry.

Everything you wanted to know about 3D printing– Mashable  (images below show other possible creations/ materials)