Re-thinking the Closet

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Most people wear clothing as an external representation of who they are. So why not display your clothes in your home in the same way? There’s no need to hide them away in the closet or armoire when you can have one of these easily accessible, beautiful, sculptural, ‘closets’ to store them. Thinking of the closet as a piece of furniture (similar to a wardrobe/ armoire) opens up some really interesting design opportunities and challenges. This ‘external closet’ is a trend I saw a lot of during Design week 2012 in Milan, and I think it’s going to continue.

Spotted in the basement of the Temporary Museum for New Design in Zona Tortona, Hierve showed their newest prototypes of the Ropero (Spanish for wardrobe). The design falls into multiple new trend categories including, neon colors, super smooth light wood, and this newest trend: The Closet as Furniture.

Also at the Tortona shows, Metalfilo introduced Shanghai “a new display solution”, designed by Erminio Walter Deppieri. This freestanding and easy to assemble unit can be used for retail store display, or in the home as a new form of closet.

On a slightly smaller scale, at the Lambrate shows, Maria Boddin created these ‘Living Bowls’.

Thinkk+Studio 248 was also showing their ‘7 Day Closet’ in the Lambrate district.

At Saloni, Normann Copenhagen debuted a lovely furniture line with clean lines, smooth light woods, and pastel upholstery. One piece that caught my eye was their Toj Clothes rack. It comes in small and large.

This more abstract and small version is the Clothing Rails by Annaleena (Le Shop). Probably best suited for laying out your clothes for the next day only…

Floor 95 by Mark Braun: