Art | mirrors

You know when you see something (a word, a type of car, or something..) and then you start seeing that same thing everywhere? I feel like that happened to me lately with mirror sculptures. There was also a really interesting article in the latest Psychology Today Mag about “sixth senses” and why these types of phenomena happen (or don’t). You can’t find it online yet, but check back soon, or pick up a paper copy.

I love how the mirror sculptures allow the surrounding area to become part of the piece, in an ever changing way.. very cool. So I decided to share a few favorites:

The obvious, Bean sculpture in Millenium Park, Chicago:

Beautiful ‘house’: Mirror House by Ekkehard Altenburger 

“The sculptor created this mirrored house installation in 1996 as part of an [temporary installation] exhibition on the Isle of Tyree in Scotland. The house consists of a steel frame and large mirror sheets, which sit in a shallow lake, reflecting the Atlantic Ocean.”- StylePark on Facebook.

As seen in NY Mag, Mirror Sculptures by Rob Mulholland: