Jewelry making

Inspired by my summer jewelry crafting, a few friends got on board and started making their own jewelry too. Admittedly, theirs were much cooler than mine, but I was happy either way. 🙂 We exchanged goods, a few tips, and couldn’t have been more pleased with ourselves. When someone gives you something that they’ve made, it means so much more than anything from a store. For the Holidays this year, I will keep this concept in mind.

*Update* Another friend just told me that they were inspired also! Greene Glass project has started a jewelry line! They started with benches a few years ago, made of concrete and glass (picked up from a local park), which I find to be very inspirational. (Insert “Circle of Life” Lion King theme song here).

My neon rope bracelet

Awesome string and gold beaded bracelet by Kim Cooper

The other day I saw these Kate Spade earrings and thought, “I could definitely make those”. Not only could I make those, I could also make a whole bunch of other types, and (bonus) it will be fun to do! So I bought 100 of these gold posts to start making my own earrings, and see what I can come up with… stay tuned…