Product | Stylus pen

I bought this stylus 2-pack for my ipad/iphone over the weekend, and I love them! I was a skeptic that thought using a stylus was for old/ non-tech-savvy people, but I was wrong. I highly recommend them, especially for the ipad. On the iphone its great for websites, when you’re clicking around a lot, and trying to push small links etc. On ipads its great for pretty much everything, and really helps prevent hand cramps and awkward positions. (FYI: They also work on laptop track pads, but not super well on the external track pad. Not that you’d really need it for that though. Also older people with touch screen smart phones really like them, it makes typing a lot easier for them). I bought the ihome brand, one black and one white- clean/ simple design with a ballpoint pen on the end opposite the stylus. These work really well, I’m not sure about other brands, but I imagine they’re all virtually the same.