Plant, grow, cut, decorate… dispose? The life of a Christmas tree:


With the 2013 holidays fast approaching, I wanted to re-post this from 2010, as a reminder. I added some new info and links as well.

Year after year, after year, I see the same Christmas tradition. Whether you choose to cut it down yourself, or buy it already cut by someone else; You’re still purchasing a living tree with the intentions of disposing of it after the Holiday season. In a culture so apparently obsessed with ‘green this, and sustainable that’;  How are we STILL allowing this far from eco-friendly ritual? I know, I know… we all grew up with it, it’s a “lovely tradition, passed down through generations”, I get it… But wasn’t this tree tradition also around when we thought that things like chain smoking, aerosol, burning fuels, and asbestos were okay for the environment too?

In the past four days (from original Jan. 03, 2010 post), I have seen no less than twenty stripped and discarded trees next to the regular piles of garbage awaiting their landfill destinies. On ONE short block in Brooklyn today, I counted six+ trees:

Growing up in a family that celebrated Christmas, I understand the love and nostalgia that surrounds the tree tradition. So, I understand that it is tough for a lot of people to nix the live tree altogether. The smell, the glow, the needles, and warmth; All difficult to ‘replace’. In that case, you could still use wreaths, branches and other clippings to hang all around the house to produce the same smell and feel. Trimming off a few branches does not kill the tree, and allows one tree to fill more than one home at a time, with less sacrifice. Lastly, synthetic scents are often pretty accurate. Check out these candles and room sprays! You’ll be in the Holiday spirit in no time.


SOME INFO ON HOW TO RECYCLE YOUR TREE (and other options) Inhabitat

I think  it would be nice to make up your own eco-friendly tree(s). Creating it could become part of your families Christmas tradition for years to come. Here are some great alternative solutions as inspiration:

If you still want to decorate a live tree, maybe try one outdoors…

This silly video is the perfect summary of our obsession with the Christmas tree in all its glory: