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[Original post from 9/12/11, enhanced and reposted 11/7/12] If there is one thing that I find very irritating, it is claiming to be something that you’re not. When a company claims to be “green” or “eco-friendly“, I expect them to actually be those things. Maybe this is too idealistic of me, but seriously, if you make/ sell “green products” you should package and ship them accordingly. Otherwise you are negating all the good that you originally intended. (Amazon, as shown in photo above, has their own environmentally conscious packaging. I only used the photo above because it is cute. I have not had a bad experience with Amazon’s packaging, yet!)

Great article on Nature’s packaging, Why shrink wrap a cucumber?

Recent examples:

Package from Daltile that I thought was fragile tile samples… Nope, it was a catalog, in a huge box, with bubble wrap.

Daltile ‘s green claim.

A friend’s photo of a single binder shipment from Staples.

Staples green claim.

Yea, let’s put one of nature’s most perfect packages in styrofoam with a plastic/non protective cover…

Banana‘s green claim

Here are some examples of more efficient packaging. (Note: I’m not even talking DESIGN here, just efficiency) 

like the classic egg carton, almost all paper pulp packaging is great!

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