Cute Coasters

I recently purchased this ‘coaster‘ (in black) for my desk from Uncommon on Etsy. I put coaster in parenthesis because although I use mine as a coaster on my desk, it’s actually 7″ in diameter (while most regular coasters are more like 4″ dia). I like the larger size because I use it for my coffee or water cups, but also for my lunch bowl/plate sometimes… so it has a really great dual function.

The design is relatively simple, but it’s nostalgic, in the best of ways, for so many people. Most of us had a Grandmother or elderly family member or neighbor with doilies in their home. As a kid, they were always around at my Grandparents house. Now they have been passed down through the family. Most that we have, were made by my great grandmother. It’s pretty incredible how well they have held up over the years. I hope that these laser cut versions last just as long! Only time will tell..

So, with my love of nostalgia, (almost) all things laser cut, and modern versions of antiquities; I’d like to share this Uncommon Etsy seller with you. Enjoy!

coaster1 coaster2

Here are the regular coaster sized ones:

coasters4coaster3Next, on my list: The big one!

doily1 doily2