Karma | Charbonize 2013, and the act of looking out for your fellow man.

In previous posts, I talked about the laptop and ipad cases that I bought from an Etsy merchant/ designer, Charbonize. Both of those cases are still awesome, even 3 years later. They have held up really well, and continue to get compliments everywhere they go.

Sometime in early 2012, I saw this company Mujjo** come out with a new line of laptop/ ipad cases that were identical to Charbonize’s line (that I knew was around for at least 1-2 years prior). Alarmed and protective of my fellow designers/ artists, I emailed the owner of Charbonize to see if he was aware of the ‘copies’, or involved in some way. (Note: You may know my serious distaste for copyright infringement from here). Thankfully, he said that it was a new collaboration/ licensing agreement and that all was well; However, he really appreciated my concern and insisted on sending me a bag from his new line. I accepted.

Today, this felted wool and leather beauty arrived, and it is perfection. The branding is subtle, the materials are gorgeous, the bag is really well designed, and the Designer is a nice person. It’s a win/win situation. I especially like that the designs are gender neutral/ timeless. I highly recommend buying any/ all of Charbonize or Mujjo’s pieces!

bag1 bag2 bag3

**Mujjo: Good call on the collaboration! The pieces are great! I’m so sorry for doubting you, I was just looking out. 🙂