Project | shell collection

If your anything like me, a good portion of your beach vacation is spent wandering the shoreline looking for beautiful shells/ objects. Then, as the years go by you end up with zip lock bags full of them, stored somewhere in your home. A ridiculous collection of useless items…

In a recent effort to get rid of all unnecessary items in my home, I came across the shells. I didn’t have any real plans for the majority of them, so I tried to think of something non-tacky that I could do with them. I had multiple types and varied sizes, as well as a few small collections of the same species. I immediately started to organize them into groups without even realizing that my OCD had kicked in. It was very much like ThingsOrganizedNeatly.Tumblr.

I went to my local art store and bought a bunch of shadow box frames and got to work. (I bought a few extra matching frames, since they were on sale, and now in the future I have a home for new shells as well). I lost track of time, but it was probably about 3 hours later, that I finally settled on the layout and began gluing. I used a medium temp hot glue gun to attach the shells to the stretched linen background of the shadow box.


Et voila! About an hour later, it was finished. Two vacations (Bermuda & San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua) and a few years later, I had finally turned my collection into something interesting.

shells2shells1Additionally, I had collected a horseshoe exoskeleton and a bird skull, and finally got those into frames as well! I love the all glass shadow boxes for this type of stuff. It reminds me of all the cool stuff at Evolution NYC.