Music | Brooklyn

I’m not really one of those people that is ‘up on all the latest music’. (I leave that to my professional friends like Jackie Shuman, who makes all the coolest playlists on Spotify). However, I wanted to share a few of my local favorites with you (they were introduced to me by Jackie, of course).

Both artists are so great on their own, but their collaborations together are excellent too. You really have to see them live. (**They are playing tonight (6/14/13) at a cool little venue in Brooklyn, the Rod&Gun club. Then JR Jones is playing again this sunday at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn.**)

The Bones of JR Jones


Here’s a cool new video of JR Jones. (But trust me, you have to see him LIVE. He plays about 4 instruments at the same time. It’s insane).

Melaena Cadiz