Infographics | What does your inbox look like?

You may already know about my obsession with FastCompany‘s beautiful infographics. The idea of presenting useful information beautifully just gets me every time; Like a moth to a lightbulb. It almost doesn’t even matter what the info is, I’m into it. Today FastCo. posted this interactive infographic that maps your email activity. It’s called Immersion. I mapped both my work and personal Gmail accounts and was surprised by some of the results. You never really realize how much you ‘talk’ to certain people until you see it presented in this way. I have chosen the ‘no labels’ maps to show here (for privacy), but you can map yours with labels and see all the names.

WORK: This one was very cool as it was an interesting way to see my past years’ worth of major projects/ people in clusters. It was also a reminder to me that I basically live on my work email. To give this some perspective/ scale, I’ll tell you that the purple circles are from this corporate project in Texas, that is approximately 3+ years of emails in a cluster.

no labels_email mapPERSONAL: This one is interesting because it showed me how focused on individuals I am. There is a lot less connection via email and less grouping in my personal life. My graphics may not be interesting to you, but try it with your own!

personal gmail without labels