Classic Kids Photography

There are too many times in my profession that I work with unpleasant people. The type of people that don’t enjoy their jobs, don’t communicate well, or are just plain rude. However, there are also the more rare interactions that are truly fantastic; The type that are so enjoyable you want to share them with the world.

On a recent project in NYC, I had the pleasure of working with Classic Kids Photography (upper west side location) to consult on our mutual clients’ photo framing. The black and white film had already been shot, printed, and narrowed to top picks. With three opinions and about 2000 frame options in the room, things could have easily become very confusing.  Instead, it became a fun, productive, and lovely experience. My client and I left happy, knowing that we got exactly the style and quality that we desired for the newly designed home.

Recently completed, the nursery and living room contain beautiful family, baby, and dog photos. While the master bedroom and master bathroom contain the more private pregnancy photos. I can’t show them to you here, but let me tell you; They’re gorgeous.

Here are the finished pieces hanging in the space (Interior photography by Dylan Chandler)-

Michala Monroe

Michala Monroe

Michala Monroe

Since I kept these photos small and blurred for client privacy; I wanted to give you a quick look at Classic Kids’ aesthetic here (from their website). As you can see, they shoot more than just babies and dogs. Check out their website for more!-

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