M Monroe Design on NBC

I am beyond excited to share this:

Last week the DG HQ Penthouse office by m | monroe design was used as the set for an episode of NBC’s hit show, Revolution!

02 crop

04 crop

I realize that this information is coming after the fact, so hopefully you already caught the show. If not, you can watch it on Hulu! The office is featured as the main set (office of ‘Pittman Digital’) throughout the first half of the episode, and then again about 3/4 of the way through to conclude the dream sequence.

(Revolution airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c, on NBC)

Seeing a space that I designed on TV was a really exciting and proud moment for me. It felt like a dream for me, just like for the main character in the episode. I have always wanted to get into production design, so perhaps this is a step in the right direction. Not to mention, there is a character named “Monroe”! Maybe its a sign… 😀

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DG HQ was a large and long project; My blood, sweat, and tears are in that office, so I definitely laughed out loud when I saw the actor’s fake blood sprayed all over the conference room. (I better not get any calls about stains, ha!). Lastly, knowing the size and weight of that conference table, I feel for the crew that had to disassemble and remove it from the room for the final scene- and then return it again. Sorry ya’ll.

bloodcrop conf crop

Here‘s a nice/ short write up about filming in the space, from DG/Sprinklr employee Peter Kim.

*DG was recently bought by Sprinklr, “They said Dachis’ Austin headquarters would remain open with its workforce in place.” << Yay! More info on the buy out.