Custom Perfection

It’s often a taken-for-granted experience to be creatively on the same page as someone else. Sometimes you may think that your words and images are portraying what you want, but then when the finished product is ready, someone is disappointed. In the case of my custom rings, I think there may have been some voodoo mind-reading involved, because ‘creatively on the same page’ hardly covers it.

Recently, I commissioned a friend, jewelry designer and maker Carrie Bilbo, to create a custom ring for me. I had a white gold band with family diamonds that I had designed and had made when I graduated from high school. After 10 years, my style had changed a bit and I wasn’t wearing my ‘favorite’ ring anymore. It still had such a strong meaning in my life, but it no longer represented who I am.

Here is the original white gold ring:


I met with Carrie in her studio to talk about re-making the ring, and to drop it off. I emailed her my Pinterest page of wearable things/jewelry, along with some other images and descriptions. We emailed back and forth a few more times about 18K vs 14K (where Carrie’s knowledge of metals shined to help me make the decision) and a few minor decisions about omitting the square diamond etc. Not too long after, I went back into her studio to pick up the piece(s). I was actually nervous. I had not overseen any part of the project since the concept was decided (which was very scary for a Project Manager like myself) and I worried that I wouldn’t like them. I am a designer after all, and I do not deny that I am incredibly picky! When I walked into her studio, Carrie handed me the stack of rings, and I swear I felt my heart melting with joy, relief, and pure love. They were PERFECT. It was as though Carrie had reached into my brain and pulled out all of my wants and un-expressible specifics. She had created the stacking rings of my dreams. Not only were they beautiful, they were SO flawlessly handmade; Not an imperfection can be found.

Custom rings handmade by Carrie Bilbo. The full set has 6 rings that I can mix and wear in so many combinations:




ring 3

ring 1

I highly recommend Carrie for custom pieces (I hear she makes some incredible engagement rings) but I also recommend that you check out her non-custom designs. Her work is amazing, click the links below to view/ buy her jewelry. Currently Carrie is giving 20% of proceeds to the Feeding Hope Foundation: