Staging for Resale

Every Real Estate agent understands the value of staging for resale. This can mean staging a lived-in home with existing pieces or furnishing a model apartment with all new/rented pieces in an empty building. Either way, staging is effective in many ways; Including, helping the buyer imagine themselves in the home, improving photo quality for the realtor, and increasing resale value.

In NYC, the real estate market is a busy one, bringing both types of work to m | monroe design alongside our usual interior design work. When the home is lived-in, it is often quick work; A single day or even just a few hours is common. However, it’s not necessarily easy. What can you do in a short amount of time with (what is often) a few questionable-in-style-well-loved pieces of furniture and years of accumulated objects? Organization and styling are key. Sometimes you are literally hiding things all over the house, while still maintaining a sense of organization and sanity for the existing home owner. Styling can mean something as simple as tying back the curtains, laying out a selection of coffee table books, simplifying everything, re-hanging art, setting the table, fluffing the pillows or throwing a blanket over the more well-loved sections of the sofa. The photos below look pretty basic, but trust me, you should have seen the spaces before!

Here are some examples of staging for resale that we have done recently with Corcoran. (photos courtesy of Corcoran). We’ll give some examples and more information about model apartment staging when there are photos to share!

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