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Custom Perfection

It’s often a taken-for-granted experience to be creatively on the same page as someone else. Sometimes you may think that your words and images are portraying what you want, but then when the… Continue reading

NYIGF | 2014

This years NYIGF was overall about the same as last years (huge, overwhelming, and widely varied), but I definitely found a few new favorites in the mix. Here are my top picks: Pheromone… Continue reading

Natural inspiration

Just a little humpday inspiration: A few shots from my recent trip to the Museum of Natural History, and what I took away from it all. I refrained from photographing the entirety of… Continue reading

‘Tis the season for gifting | Global Goods Partners

Good retail companies focus on two things, selling nice products, and helping others. Monroe&Co recently redesigned the website for Global Goods Partners to improve the look and usability. It’s super simple to navigate, and perfectly… Continue reading

Classic Kids Photography

There are too many times in my profession that I work with unpleasant people. The type of people that don’t enjoy their jobs, don’t communicate well, or are just plain rude. However, there… Continue reading

Before & After | Chelsea II

We are so pleased to share the recently completed Chelsea II residence! (All finished interior photography is by the wonderful Dylan Chandler). During the photo shoot I thought back to what we started with, and… Continue reading

Infographics | What does your inbox look like?

You may already know about my obsession with FastCompany‘s beautiful infographics. The idea of presenting useful information beautifully just gets me every time; Like a moth to a lightbulb. It almost doesn’t even… Continue reading

Music | Brooklyn

I’m not really one of those people that is ‘up on all the latest music’. (I leave that to my professional friends like Jackie Shuman, who makes all the coolest playlists on Spotify).… Continue reading

Project | shell collection

If your anything like me, a good portion of your beach vacation is spent wandering the shoreline looking for beautiful shells/ objects. Then, as the years go by you end up with zip… Continue reading

Cute Coasters

I recently purchased this ‘coaster‘ (in black) for my desk from Uncommon on Etsy. I put coaster in parenthesis because although I use mine as a coaster on my desk, it’s actually 7″… Continue reading