Jan. 14th, 2010 Event | Talks from Zachary Feltoon & Massimo Vignelli!

{ Bows }

Good old fashioned, bows. I know it seems simple, but they add this cuteness to everything, this sweet innocence to the bore of ‘big girl’ clothes. The ultimate in femininity.  I see them… Continue reading

Bovina Center | New York

Never heard of it? Not many people have, and that’s what makes it so nice. There’s a main street through town (equal to about 3 city blocks in length) where the church, library,… Continue reading

Happy Holidays & TwentyTen

Hoping you all had a very merry Holiday season, and a Happy New Year!

Today’s misc. inspiration

Days of Leftovers

Upstate New York is one of the only places I want to be for Thanksgiving. It’s just a short train ride to the crisp air and beautiful views. Every year our large family… Continue reading

Lego Love


Architecture I adore

Imagery for today


This site sells great design, straight from designers. Here are some items I like today: